Despoina Vaxevanidi (Athens, 1999) is a visual artist. She was admitted to the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a student with “special artistic predisposition” (2016). Since 2017 she studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her artistic practice includes multiple media and materials such as painting, installation, video in order to converge “form” and “content”. Her work concerns with the relationship of different types of surfaces / volumes and the empty space between them, investigating issues of social structures and traditions of global communities. Moreover, she is interested in the multiple readings of female identity and the interpretation of the imaginary. She participates in workshops, group exhibitions, training programs and seminars.

Η Δέσποινα Βαξεβανίδη (Αθήνα, 1999) είναι εικαστικός. Έγινε δεκτή στην Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών του ΑΠΘ ως σπουδάστρια με “ιδιαίτερη καλλιτεχνική προδιάθεση” (2016). Από το 2017 φοιτά στην Ανώτατη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών (Αθήνα). Στην καλλιτεχνική της πρακτική χρησιμοποιεί ποικίλα μέσα και υλικά όπως ζωγραφική, εγκατάσταση, βίντεο με σκοπό τη σύγκλιση μορφής και περιεχομένου. Το έργο της αφορά την σχέση διαφορετικών επιφανειών/όγκων και τον μεταξύ τους κενό χώρο, εκφράζοντας θέματα κοινωνικών δομών και παραδόσεων παγκόσμιων κοινοτήτων. Επίσης εστιάζει στις πολλαπλές αναγνώσεις της γυναικείας ταυτότητας και την ερμηνεία του φαντασιακού. Συμμετέχει σε workshops, ομαδικές εκθέσεις, εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα και σεμινάρια.

Group Exhibitions /Workshops


  • “This Current between Us” at Historic Steam Electric Power Station of Neo Faliro, curated by Panos Giannikopoulos & Georgia Liapi
  • “Time out” at Circuits + Currents – Collaboration with Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien


  • «Fitness condition: artist» An exhibition by “P o s t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies”
  • Kalamata International Short Documentary Festival
  • 8th Peloponnese International Film Festival
  • Exhibition Ruins | Petit Paris at Athens ’22
  • Vegan Life NGO 2022 at Technopolis, City of Athens


  •  “Are We Not Plunging Continually?” An exhibition in two parts by P o s t Documenta: Contemporary arts as territorial agencies.  Leipzig 1-3 October 2021 at nyg | west and Athens 14-30 October 2021 at Circuits + Currents​
  • Culture Night of the Municipality of Athens at ARTENS​
  • Open studio of Video Art in Platforms project, curated by Prof. V. Betsou​
  • “Water and body” Exhibition in the frame of “Little Paris in Athens” project curated by Irini Maria Nanouri​
  • ATHENS DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL 2021 with the OpenArt team
  • Festival Video Art Miden
  • ”Albert Camus: 865 Letters” – online exhibition organized by the
    Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina
  • Visual art online exhibition – organized by Gallery Shrine


  • “What do you mean you are not happy?” ARTNES FESTIVAL 2020
  • Design team of the catalogue/journal for the educational program of Art-Athina / Program of the Panhellenic Association of Art Galleries and the Ioannis F. Costopoulos Foundation


  •  Workshop at Delphi in collaboration with the Leipzig School of Fine Arts in conjunction with an exhibition at the T.A.F.​
  • Workshop “Daysign”– for the course “Anthropology and Contemporary Art”, in collaboration with Twixtlab (E. Rikou and P. Sklavenitis)
  • “TREASURE HUNT | SNEHTA” Workshop and exhibition


  • Workshop “Daysign – Micromeria Acropilitana” – with P. Sklavenitis, part of  Actopolis project​
  •  Artwork for the visual part of “Chessnale” project


  • 1st Art Colony in Kastoria


  • ARTIST RESIDENCIES at Mental Health Units
Art Education/ Facilitator 


  • Mentoring/support of students for the documentation of the works of art in the action “Educating teachers through Art-TEPArt AUEB (Athens University of Economics and Business)


  • Supporter at “Portrait of a child – Every child a story” in METAdrasi with Potential Project


  • ​Supporter at the ‘Compass’ project “School without school”


  • Supporter at the Art Therapy project in Moraitis Private School
Educational/  Research programs


  • “Sustainability Strategies in Clothing” by Athensfashionclub®


  • Educational and Research program of Intercultural Exchange “Post documenta: Contemporary Arts as Territorial Agencies”​
  • Artistic Practice training program with OPEN ART Research Methodology of the Ionian University and the Athens Digital Arts Festival (supervisors A. Floros and A. Vassof)​
  •  Online adult training “Sound, voice, sound therapy techniques in pedagogy and positive crisis transformation”   (rapporteur M. A. Aggeli)
  • Seminar “Cultural Diplomacy” – organized by Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy


  • Seminar “The Covid-19 pandemic and its psychiatric forensic effects” organized by the Hellenic Psychiatric Forensic Society​
  • Seminar “Art as an experience” organized by the University of the Aegean. (70 hours duration)​
  • Online seminar “What is Contemporary Art?”   [Coursera platform/The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)]
  • Seminar “Cultural Management: Culture in Practice” organized by “Open Art” (A. Stanas tutor).


  • 5th Panhellenic Symposium on Visual Psychotherapy: “The Transformational Object in Art, Psychotherapy and Society”


  • Educational program of Art-Athina  with the collaboration of Hellenic Art Galleries Association and the  J.F.Costopoulos Foundation as part of Art Athina


• Seminar “Civilization and Psychoanalysis” organized by The Greek Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

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